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School Policies and Parent Handbook


Bella Vista Elementary School is located in the northeastern region of Monterey Park and serves students in grades kindergarten through five following a modified traditional calendar. At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, 703 students were enrolled, including 15% in special education, 22% qualifying for English Language Learner support, and 76% qualifying for free or reduced price lunch. Bella Vista Elementary School achieved a 2013 Academic Performance Index (API) score of 731.



Students are to:


  • listen and follow the directions of all adults at all times.
  • walk quietly and keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • Tell an adult if there is a problem.
  • Use polite and positive words, like excuse me, please and thank you.


While using the bathroom, students are to:


  • wash and dry hands with an appropriate amount of soap and paper towel.
  • use it quickly, privately and are to clean up after themselves.


While in the cafeteria during lunch hour, students are to:


  • remain sitting at their table until they are dismissed.
  • enter and exit quietly.


During assemblies, students are to:


  • pay attention and sit properly.
  • remain silent during presentations and clap only when appropriate.




It is our goal to assist the students at Bella Vista Elementary School as they prepare for a successful, future transition to Macy Intermediate School.  Please look over the following items with your student.


  • Please monitor your child’s attire.  Baggy pants, spaghetti straps, short tops, and shorts that are too short, are not appropriate.  Natural hair colors and only hair styles that do not cause a distraction are acceptable.