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Frequently Asked Questions

Are traditional characters taught starting Kindergarten? At what grade do you begin teaching simplified characters and pinyin?

Yes, we teach traditional characters from Kindergarten to 4th grade, then we will start introducing simplified characters when students attend 5th grade.


Is there a difference between distance learning versus in class learning?

Currently, our students are learning from the Distance Learning (DL) model. Students will have a different daily schedule when returning to the normal class learning model.


What is the age a child can enroll kindergarten?

A child needs to be 5 years old to be enrolled in Kindergarten. If not, then the child will be enrolled in the TK.


In the FAQ it says the program is k-3, what is after 3rd grade?

We are building up our Mandarin Immersion program. We will add the 3rd grade next school year, 2021-2022. We will add the 4th grade after next year and so on until we build up a K-5 Mandarin Immersion program.


The slide shows Mandarin is taught until 3rd grade. Is the plan to add additional grades each year?

Yes, we are expecting to build up our K-5 Mandarin immersion program in 2023-2024 school year.


Do I need to fill out an intra-district open enrollment form if I live within the MUSD district but Bella Vista is not my home school?

Yes, the enrollment packet will be ready soon and we will send out to each family who are interested in enrolling their child in our Mandarin Immersion program.


What is the teacher and student ratio? Is there an additional aide or assistant?

The teacher and student ratio will be 1:28 and currently we do not have any additional classroom aide due to the budget limit.


What is the typical day schedule? All day mandarin? Where is English class come in?

During a typical school day, the class starts at 8:00 AM. Students will start learning Mandarin until 10:55. At 10:55 A.M, they will switch to the English class and learn subjects like English, Math, Social Science until 2:15 pm.


Should we continue to be in a pandemic until next year will there be options to continue to do distance learning or a hybrid?

We will follow the protocols instructed by the Montebello Unified School District. We will update the newest information on our school website. Please go to our school website for the most updated information.


Is my child in TK in the Dual program? Do I need to do anything else if my child is already at BVE?

Our TK does not offer Mandarin currently. If you have a child in TK and would like to enroll your child in the Mandarin Immersion program, please sign up the Interest form which is posted on our website under the tab of Mandarin Immersion Program.