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Title 1


The purpose of the Title I Program is to provide additional resources to assist students who have not met, or who are at risk of not meeting, California’s rigorous content standards in the areas of English language arts and mathematics. Schools utilize Title I funds to provide scientific research-based supplemental programs, as well as instructional strategies, to students in order to accelerate their progress and bridge the achievement gap in these two specific content areas. Additionally, schools provide high quality professional development to their staff to implement and support these supplemental strategies and programs and to increase student achievement. Parents also receive training in curriculum and instruction, parenting, as well as in leadership roles and responsibilities for school advisory committees. Under federal law, Title I schools that have a concentration of at least 40 percent of students living in poverty may qualify to operate a schoolwide Title I program. All MUSD Title I schools meet this requirement and have elected to participate in a schoolwide program. A benefit of participating in a schoolwide program is that all students at the school are eligible to participate. Research shows that to close the achievement gap in high priority schools, a school’s entire educational program must be improved. The schoolwide Title I program assists in this process.